last version : 3.01 (563K)



8 tracks digital audiorecorder
for ATARI Falcon030
with mix, effects and synchronous MIDIfile playback.

Fenetre petit

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    QUiNCY is the easier way to create your own music and audio tapes with a simple Falcon030.

   English interface

    Want more specs ?  more details

    See the HTML tutorial (french)  (part of docs included in the archive)

    Have a glance to a  screen capture of QUiNCYat work

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   QUiNCY is shareware
 The files you download let you use QUiNCY during a 30 days trial period. If you like this sofware, you can register for a 200 FF / 30 e / 60 DM / 40 US$ fee and enjoy an unlimited version.. 

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